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This is my trip to help my Girl friend. sorong is wonderful place but very hot, sorong isbetter from manokwari for me, its my opinion.

Dont stay at home Guys,, come on,, joint with me,, and we can walking around this world,,

Dom Bridge

Dom Bridge

Port of Fisher

The Sheep

The Sheep

_MG_6588 _MG_6403 _MG_6566Waiwo  Raja ampat IMG_5878 DSCN0329_MG_5861 DSCN0441DSCN0378

this is my traveliing abaout prewedd. im going to biak from manokwari with sheep.

biak its wonderful land, im enjoying this trip.

I meet some friend at the sheep and wasior.



Shoot The Sunset

Shoot The Sunset


Biak Its Wonderful Land, I think I must Back in Here…

To Be Continued

after the expiration of my work as an art teacher I migrated to Manokwari reunited with my parents and brothers – and sisters.
This is an adventurer who keskian time I visit this place, not a new place for me becauseI used to go to school here and my father worked as a district head in 1996 to 2000.
I am not alone on this journey I was accompanied by several of my colleagues Bagus,putra, Ano. This is all my idea just to collect a beautiful picture where I was we agreed toleave for the Ransiki on Friday afternoon. hostile weather at the time it makes us have torain as we only use the motor, the gear we carry a complete enough so that the tool – the camera equipment we do not get wet because of rain. journey that has not been much to make us stop at a mountain called ACEMO, the mountain was full of many landslidescaused by stalled vehicles, but there are some heavy equipment employed to smooth again. of the mountain can be seen clearly acemo Manokwari such a beautiful city, it was at 6 pm local time and we stopped to take pictures sejena. after we take picturesand then we continue the journey to Ransiki, but before we had to pass on our RansikiOransbari and there we took a break for dinner and it was 08 o’clock at night.

after dinner we continued our journey Ransiki district. in a way that is far enough we stopped disebuah mountain which is called by the name BEMBAB and we take picturesthere and then we continued our journey to arrive at Ransiki at 9 pm. We spent the nightat the family residence which is also sabarofek my brother in law. Our arrival brought joysabarofek family because it makes the house became crowded, but because we all fell into bed exhausted because we had to take pictures tomorrow morning sun from thebeach Ransiki WI.at 05.00 the next morning I woke up and rushed to prepare a tool – a tool he woke meand others, after all our gear ready we also rushed to the spot of hunting. location when he got us really become a joy for us so gorgeous and perfect so amazing we do notwant to miss this opportunity and we started taking pictures as much as possible


beach flower

my best picture

the beach

after the shooting we resumed our journey to the place – the next place.

Our school choir was incorporated in 2007 dated 28 November and approved by the school principal along with all members in the beach sand two Jayapura. vision mission dar choir itself is no different with our school motto PRO EKLESIA et PATRIA that in the context of papua means: for the Church and the ground water, one from of implementation of the real form we’re trying to do is perform a spiritual service to the Lord sing praises of one church to the other church, regardless of Christian Protestant or Catholic. Our school is a catholic school but not entirely our students are Catholic, for the sake of the armed forces always have a story and its uniqueness. I as chairman of the coach at that time and in 2009 I asked one of my friends who also have experience in choir he named RUDY DUMATUBUN, I am very grateful because she wanted to train children with sincerity and patience like what I have done so far. we both have done a lot of visits in some churches, especially at papua Jayapura, it is extremely beneficial to students because they are a lot of science is not taught in school, this I hope will be sustainable and the choir itself can already be recognized at an early age so as to form one choirs at both high schools and so forth.

The first picture here is a picture of one of the initial staging of our choir Listen Read phonetically

first choir at inaugural chairman of the Catholic Foundation leader grace kameubun and second leader yoga pranatha

we are quite proud of one of the activities made ​​by the chorus echoes that bring chandra UNCEN one choir trainer at national and international, the event was very interesting to me because the students get amazing results, here is a photo with Mr. Ronald Pohan

with mr Ronal Pohan Aranger and composer choir at Ucen papua

as time goes by you keep practicing and practicing and will perform our services, we are a church service including AYAPO Elim. travel quite tense for some of our students because we have to use a fast boat crossing of Lake Sentani. I along with several board decided to see the location and deliver an invitation notifications in the local church board, and assisted by my student named Theo okoka originating from that area all the affairs that can run well, I am grateful to the large family who receive our Okoka and help all our affairs and all those who helped us in the smooth concerned. Gbu all

The following  of of the village AYAPO January 2007

visit to elim ayapo church, use fast boat

behind the church elim ayapo

walking around the village of ayapo Papua

narsis with student

say halo for tradtional people

with child's and coconut's fruit's at ayapo village papua

we have traditional food for lunch at ayapo village traditional house

The best pose by me

After our church services elim ayapo we made ​​further plans Siloam church. Our choir members do not have that many and not a large choir and good, but I am confident and believe we can sing well and most importantly for me is trying to instill self-confidence to my students to be able to change the character becomes more mature in singing.

The following is a picture of our services in church activities Siloam Waena

after singing

with me

that time we did not sing off, I feel my students sing with a pressure, the pressure at that time was that they looked nervous with so many came to worship congregation at that time but not a problem for me, sooner or later all will go well.

practice and keep practicing that’s a word that always I use in my motto, learning from mistakes and experience we continue to sing and praise God, a thought crossed my mind to return to this church and to give the best, then right on 25 october year 2009 and I was with rudy as kondaktor and our students come back and sing in the church Siloam Waena

best perfomance


after singing we also felt it was not satisfied with the performance so we decided to walk together from the church into Belinda’s house, we were greeted warmly by the family Siwabessy and unique at that time was that I began to be called father by Belinda who once also her older sister also called me father claudia , because they think my face is similar to their fathers. we are delighted that moment because of our appearance at that time there were two female students of our school who are interested and willing to join our group they named mailani and karasucia.

on the way

my self

a word from me after the singing has become a mandatory

after our church service Siloam Waena, I prepared my choir for the service at the church catholic Koya REDEEMER THE WEST. Unlike other church we ever go this time I was with the students we decided to stay at pastoran from Saturday until Sunday morning worship we follow and after that continued with recreation on the holtecamp beach. is not easy as we turned the palms of the hands because of our choir members who will participate when it approximately 50 people and we need to pay the substantial costs of rented buses and we ate while he was there. I shared some of the children and assisted by Rudy we are trying to find ideas to make cooking RW (a dog that is processed into food) and it becomes the bitterest memories of my life because I had to cut my own dog to generate money. I am more sad that during this activity from one church to another we never assisted by the school, saw the spirit of my students I stay strong and fight for our services no disconnected. after we get enough money I am assisted by my student named dewi  Mudamaking originating from the local area, we are negotiating the local church and the parish priest who was led by pastor  Allo Setitit OSC we finally accepted.
All our needs were met and I am making a notification letter to the student’s parents to give permission. in a letter written at the same time we will do the ministry board election new choir and musings night will be led by religious teachers of our school Mr Damian Kumanireng.setelah everything is ready at last we rented a bus and drove us to the village of Koya west. before and we were there we arrive  we pray for the smooth running of our activities, and when we got there we also do cleaning around the church and in churches, extraordinary cooperation of my students and local church congregations. As late afternoon arrived we also line up with each other to clean the bathroom ourselves for following evening devotional activities. bathroom queues also occur in the morning before we sing at Mass, after Mass, we photograph together pastors and congregations Allo Setitit ago we set up our gear and headed to the beach to have fun holtekamp beach there. after we have fun fun at the beach holtekamp we returned to the parish to pack our luggage mine’s, then said goodbye to the management of the church and go home by bus back to our respective home, I told all students not to be sick because if you’re sick you guys likely are no longer allowed to travel, I am grateful because after that day no one hurt. in this activity I would like to thank the school principal mother  veronika, and father Damien kumanireng,  in his meditation, dewi mudamaking with sincerity,Mr fery  Lasse and family had helped to cook, and citizens of western Koya village church as well as all those who have helped us.

in bus on the way

When cleaning the church and queued in the bath

last practice before attending the evening muse

Mr Damian kumanireng as religious teachers now give a brief reflection at night

atmosphere is really cool mornings make our hearts feel comfortable

me and Grace

one of our songs in worship...

Pastor Allo when ready to give thanks

together all choir singers

me and rudy coach high school choir youth devotional

photographs with their recreation

I come In the name of love

while playing and running all be cheerful

trying to make a pyramid

fatigue after recreation jenifer and her friends slept in the bus on the way home

time students arrive at school at night

I would like to thank all the singers and give spirit to stay strong and not sick

after traveling in western Koya catholic church, we visited a church that is located very far from the city of Jayapura. the village name is amay, and the church was named WIBONG II. Our ministry is not alone this time we are together with other students from the school basketball group who had just won the basketball championship (DBL). Our enggunakan two buses and we took off from school at 08.00 to take the two hour trip to attend worship with the congregation there, but the bus that we were riding experienced a problem that we had just arrived digere WIBONG at 10.30 which makes me honored to pastor and all the congregation waiting for our arrival , they did not start ibdah that, after we come before worship began, I was very impressed with their loyalty, we sang there, well, the whole congregation seemed relieved by tired waiting for us, but all strains of the song that we brought was a small church liven nan tiny. after our worship photos together and as usual I was asked to give brief remarks on our visit and then we create memorable photos together and then proceed with the recreation at the beach amay, all our activities flow smoothly until we came home we each, say thank all sides of my student’s parents and all those who helped us also to the sexton WIBONG II.

prayer before taking the bus to church Wibong II

it's me at bus

on the way at bus

remarks by me about the intent and purpose to our arrival, after worship

time to sing one song

photographs with the pastor and some church

me and all singer's

best picture at amay beach


fun together

go home

after the spiritual and recreational services in Amay we returned to study as usual and continue to practice our ministry in church waiting for the next schedule

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